Episode 45: Reforming Kenya’s Education System

Episode 45: Reforming Kenya’s Education System

We are 32 days away from the 2017 General Election. This week, we are joined by Dr. Wandia Njoya to discuss education in Kenya, with a focus of curriculum reform. What do we want to achieve when we educate our children/citizens? Are we focused on the right things? How did the missionaries and colonialists affect how we still educate our children today? Why did we switch from the 7-4-2-3 curriculum to 8-4-4? What did this switch do to our country? What are we hoping to achieve by switching from 8-4-4 to 2-6-3-3-3? Is our education system still colonial? How can we decolonize it? Press play to find out!


National Curriculum Policy

7 thoughts on “Episode 45: Reforming Kenya’s Education System

  1. Hi! I am probably the last person you’d expect to be listening to your podcast. I’m a 23-year-old guy from Finland, and I stumbled upon this podcast as I was searching for new shows to listen to. I know very little about Kenya, and the tiny bit that I do know is filtered through a rather westernized lens. Perhaps just because of that your podcast sparked my curiosity. I just finished listening to this episode and I must say that I found it really interesting and refreshing. I’m looking forward to listening to your past and future episodes, and hopefully over time I will become a little less ignorant about what is going on in Kenya. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Joonas!! Welcome! I hope you’re able to expand your worldview and learn more about the place I call home through my show. Thank you, and stay tuned! 🙂

      1. Hi Brenda! It occurred to me just now that if at some point you wanted to do an episode on Kenyan emigrants, I’d be happy to try to connect you with people from Kenya living in Finland. I produce a podcast myself so I would be able to set up a Skype interview with decent audio, if needed. Just an idea! DM me on Twitter if you want to discuss further, my handle should be visible above.

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