Episode 40: Election 2017 – An Overview

Episode 40: Election 2017 – An Overview

We’re now two months away from the 2017 General Election, so we thought we’d do a status check. As we’ve learnt from past Kenyan elections, and recent elections worldwide, election coverage is very important, and we’ve seen media coverage get used to results in wild directions. So today, we ask and answer a few questions. Why is this election important? Who are the key players? What is at stake? Press play!


Statistics of Voters

IEBC Registered Voters Per Constituency 2017

Half of 19mn Kenyan voters are from Rift Valley, Eastern and Central

1,500 Kenyans in diaspora listed as voters

Party primaries slotted for April as IEBC reviews timelines ahead of polls

IEBC releases final new voters figures, Nairobi and Kiambu lead

IEBC clears 914 candidates in first day of nominations

IEBC campaign spending limits for candidates

Know your new IEBC commissioners

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