Episode 37: Now What?

Episode 37: Now What?

This past week has been a downer for me news-wise, what with the news that the US government (through USAID) is suspending its support of the Ministry of Health’s departments due to corruption and weak accounting practices. This support is worth KES 2.1 billion, and affects crucial health services. We also found out that the Jubilee campaign has engaged Cambridge Analytica, a firm said to be behind Donald Trump’s victory in the US and the Brexit vote in Britain. I’ve been asking myself: what does this mean? Press play to find out.


USAID suspends funding for health ministry departments

United States Agency withdraws Sh2.1 billion health support

Launch of $650 Million U.S. Government KEMSA Medical Commodities Program

The #LipaKamaTender Movement

What is 1.66 Billion?

On Resistance

Dear Uhuru Kenyatta

The Anatomy of a Lootocracy

Kenya at 52

Uhuru hires data firm behind Trump, Brexit victories

Cambridge Analytica Explained: Data and Elections

Trump Data Gurus Leave Long Trail of Subterfuge, Dubious Dealing

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

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