Episode 36: Kenya’s Middle Class

Episode 36: Kenya’s Middle Class

This week, we’re gonna talk about Kenya’s middle class, or what I like to call Schrodinger’s middle class – you know, the guys powerful enough to cause the price fluctuation of goods through their tweets, while not being powerful enough at the ballot box to cause change through their votes. What is the middle class? Who is a middle class person? Why does this matter? Press play to find out!


Estimation of Size of the Middle Class and Main Characteristics

Estimation of the Middle Class (short version)

Why middle class Kenyans are living a lie

East Africa’s growing middle class hits 29 million

The historic roots of the middle class

Kenya registers high income gap

Number of Kenyan super earners shrinks as income gap grows

Growth and the Middle Class

The American Middle Class, Income Inequality, and the Strength of Our Economy

Kenya’s Gini Coefficient

Kenya ranked sixth on extreme poverty index

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