Episode 25: An Opposition Scorecard

Episode 25: An Opposition Scorecard

It’s an election year, and that means that the usual suspects are jostling for your votes, and ultimately, power. In a lot of my work, I focus on governance and socio-cultural issues, and when it comes to governance, the spotlight is usually on the incumbent government. We are able to measure their effectiveness and performance based on the promises they made and the state of the country as is. But what about the opposition? How may we rate them? We answer this question today. Press play!


Effective Opposition Strategies: A Foundation for Improved Quality of Government

Making Policy in Opposition

What Makes for an Effective Leader of the Opposition?

2 thoughts on “Episode 25: An Opposition Scorecard

  1. The main problem in kenya is not politics,tribalism or otherwise.our main problem is corruption that has seen us move from economically-growing in East Africa to economically-retrogressive country.

    The way forward is for the government to put in more effort(sort out solutions) to curb this corruption menace.only that and we will have a different situation.

    I strongly believe that we can be the most developed country in the coming years.

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