Episode 24: Drought Begins With You

Episode 24: Drought Begins With You

Kenya is being ravaged by drought this year – this should not come as a surprise, since we are a drought prone country where 80% of the land is arid and semi arid. Yet, from the reaction of our government, you would think that the drought is indeed a surprise. So, this week, we look at the effects that drought has on our economy, and why our government should take it more seriously.


Drought conditions and management strategies in Kenya

Hundreds of thousands face hunger in Kenya

Drought in Kenya: Climatic, Economic and Socio-Political Factors

WFP East & Central Africa Horn of Africa Drought Crisis Situation Report #01, 06 February 2017

National Drought Management Agency

Drought in East Africa

Drought in Kenya: A failure of both men and of systems

Are Kenya ranch invasions driven by drought or politics?

A review of droughts on the African continent: a geospatial and long-term perspective

Climate Change, Environmental Threats, and Human Rights in Turkana County, Kenya

Drought to intensify in Kenya in 2017, new early warning system shows

Drought, hunger ravage five Coast counties

Dropout rate likely to increase as hunger continues

Number of Kenyans facing starvation rises by 1.4m

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  1. Really good talk, however missing is the destruction and unsustainable use of natural resources is attributed to drought. keep recording bree 🙂

    1. Thank you JM! Yeah, should have included that…the resources linked to above discuss that though. 🙂 Keep listening!

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