Episode 2: Everything is On Fire

Episode 2: Everything is On Fire

Today on the show we discuss school fires in Kenya – since June 2016 over 120 schools have had their property burned by students. Why? And, what can we do?


Students, Arson, and Protest Politics in Kenya: School Fires as Political Action

St. Patrick’s Iten School On Fire

CS Matiang’i presents report on school fires to Senate committee

Education Stakeholders Hold Consultative Meetings Over School Fires

President Uhuru’s message on the ongoing school fires in Kenya’s schools


5 thoughts on “Episode 2: Everything is On Fire

  1. Great innovation, thanks Bree , fires need to be investigated not only in Kenya but in Uganda as well and yes it seems to be a systemic issue.

  2. Would have been nice to hear a little more about the preliminary report, also a little more about the old school fires and what caused them. I know some research was done into them. I could read it but that’s why I listen to your podcast

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