Episode 61: Stop Killing Us

Episode 61: Stop Killing Us

7th July in Kenya is Saba Saba Day, a historic day on which Kenyans protested successfully for multiparty democracy in 1990, with many losing their lives and getting beaten and tortured by the police. This year, there was the Saba Saba March for Our Lives, organized by the Social Justice Centres Working Group, which consists groups from Mathare, Dandora, Kayole, Mukuru, Kibra, Kamukunji and Githurai. The demand? An end to extrajudicial killings, investigations into the ones that have occurred, and most importantly, justice. We’re joined by Wangui Kimari, Urban Anthropologist and Participatory Action Research Coordinator, Mathare Social Justice Centre, to discuss this. Press play!



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IMLU Extra Judicial Executions Report 2016

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NATIONAL INSECURITY: Extra Judicial Executions in Kenya (2013-2017)

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Image Credit: Mathare Social Justice Centre

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