Episode 60: Nai Ni Who?

Episode 60: Nai Ni Who?

This episode is dedicated to everyone who lives and loves in Nairobi, as well as everyone who’s been in the city. We’re joined by Mutheu Mbondo, one of the organizers of Nai Ni Who?, a festival which explores of Nairobi, celebrating the good, the bad & the possibilities. This year, the festival is from July 3rd to August 8th, and the neighbourhoods include the Jua Kali area and Burma Market, which are both in Kamukunji; Kibra, Eastleigh, Mukuru and Huruma; there are inter-neighbourhood games in Lang’ata, a crafts tour as well as a game tour in Karen; a city parade in the Nairobi Central Business District, as well as walking tours of Kenyatta Avenue and River Road.

What is the motivation for the festival? What informs the selection of the places the tour will take place? Why these areas/neighbourhoods and not others? Why a walking tour? What unique flavour do they add to Nairobi? Press play to find out!


Nairobi: Inventory

Mukuru Inclusive City Report

SETTLEMENTS IN TRANSFORMATION: Impacts of the emerging housing typologies on slums in Nairobi, a case of Mukuru Kwa Njenga settlement

The Slum Toponymy Of Nairobi: A Cultural Arena For Socio-Political Justice And Symbolic Resistance

Placing a slum’s identity in the hands of its slum dwellers! 

A History of Kibera

Kamukunji Jua Kali Association

Knowledge, Technology and Growth: The Case Study of Kamukunji Jua Kali Enterprise Cluster in Kenya

Post Independence Development of Nairobi City, Kenya

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