Episode 53: Iko Nini?

Episode 53: Iko Nini?

Welcome back to Season 2 of Otherwise?! We’re so happy to be back. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the legal issues that may be pertinent in Kenya in 2018, including freedom of expression, press freedom, fake news, data protection, cyberterrorism, the two-thirds gender principle, and the #Repeal162 movement. We’re joined by Jeptum Bullut, a lawyer and partner at BMN Advocates, to discuss them.

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Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, 2018

Court suspends Cybercrime Act pending bloggers’ case

High Court suspends portions of cybercrime law

Prevention of Terrorism Act

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN: Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposed Cabinet raises serious constitutional and legal questions

The Unacknowledged Constitutional Crisis in Kenya

Lobby asks court to disband Uhuru’s cabinet over two-thirds gender rule

2 NGOs move to court on the two-thirds gender rule

Kenya ranked low in women representation in parliament

MPs make fresh attempt at Gender Bill Tuesday


Decriminalisation Of Consensual Same Sex Sexual Conduct In Kenya

Kenya: Landmark Decriminalise Same Sex Case #Repeal162

Petition to repeal law against same sex relationships is timely

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  1. This is a great conversation. The host, however, is talking too much and not allowing the guest to really get into their opinion.

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