Episode 52: The Kenyan Experiment

Episode 52: The Kenyan Experiment

It’s been a year of podcasting here at Otherwise?, and to mark this occasion we have Owaahh of Owaahh.com with us this week to discuss what we call the Kenyan experiment. In what order did the communities currently settled in Kenya arrive? How did they interact? What impact did colonialism have on tribe/ethnicity in Kenya? How did this change or remain the same at independence? Why have we entrenched ethnocentrism as a means of organization in our successive governments? What do we know about secessionist movements in Kenya? Has the Kenyan experiment failed? Do we have any hope of ever making it work? Press play!


The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) Report

The Kroll Investigative Report on Wealth of President Moi and Associates

Kroll Report Wiki

One thought on “Episode 52: The Kenyan Experiment

  1. Congratulations on a full year’s worth of episodes. You’ve really done a good job with these, I’ve particularly liked the longer discussion episodes, though I won’t lie I’d prefer the ones longer than an hour be broke up into parts. This episode made me angry sometimes and but I still loved it. The curious thing about the stereotype of about Kikuyus being good business men is that most successful business man pre-independence was Jaramogi, a Luo. He was very unashamedly a capitalist. Can’t wait until you get back. Have a restful break.

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