Episode 44: The State of Kenya’s Healthcare

Episode 44: The State of Kenya’s Healthcare

We are now 39 days away from the 2017 General Election. This week, we speak with Dr. Mercy Korir, a medical doctor and healthcare correspondent, on the state of health services in Kenya, with a focus on the last five years. Has the Jubilee coalition fulfilled the promises they made in their 2013 manifesto regarding healthcare? Why is it that healthcare practitioners have been on strike so much? Are we in the middle of a Cholera outbreak? What role does leadership and governance play when it comes to healthcare? What is the role of NHIF? How can we make Kenya a healthier nation? Press play to find out!


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Key components of a well functioning health system

5 thoughts on “Episode 44: The State of Kenya’s Healthcare

  1. The reason for the cholera outbreak can be traced back to the state of waste management. The country is sinking in garbage! Yet there is a waste management strategy in place. Total failure of leadership, total disregard for the people, and just general lethargy. I find the lack of care for citizens so painful!! Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing. I also keep wondering if Kenya cannot function without donor funding. Why did we even fight for uhuru? Why did anybody have to die in the forests and then have this kind of nonsense going on?

    1. True, waste management coupled with hygiene/sanitation. Our leadership definitely lacks duty of care. You’re welcome! I’m grateful for the support from people like you/the rest of the audience. 🙂 I think we could function without donor funding, but we’d have to radically change how we think/perceive things/do things. I hope to make that happen.

  2. Health, education and infrastructure are important factors , but I think environment is absolutely critical. Without a healthy environment, you can be assured of getting sick. There is one aspect the fantastic Dr. Korir did not discuss – the very high incidence of cancer, and diabetes. What is the link between the high incidence of cancers and diet, agriculture e.g., use of pesticides, herbicides etc. Also, what about mental health? We are so stressed!!

    1. Oh, definitely, the environment is crucial. I think perhaps the line of questioning and the time we had didn’t allow us to go into that, but it could be an interesting topic for Season 2. Thank you! 🙂

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