Episode 33: Extrajudicial Killings

Episode 33: Extrajudicial Killings

On March 31st 2017, a video went viral on social media of two men, said to be plainclothes policemen, having a scuffle with a young man. Shots are heard, and understandably there is screaming and scampering. Then, we see the young man on the ground. One of the men then shoots the young man again, and again. Then the video fades to black. In the days after, there was polarized debate on extrajudicial killing, with some people strongly supporting it, and others strongly condemning it. So we’ll talk about that in this episode. Press play!


Cops caught on camera killing suspected Eastleigh gang members

Officer in alleged extrajudicial killing a ‘darling of residents’

Was Extra-Judicial Killing of Eastleigh ‘Thugs’ Justified? Kenyans Divided

Police criticised as extrajudicial killings increase

Amnesty report says Kenya tops Africa in extrajudicial killings

Track, Capture, Kill: Inside Communications Surveillance and Counterterrorism in Kenya

What Do We Tell the Families?: Killings and Disappearances in the Coastal Region of Kenya, 2012 – 2016

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery reveals 90 deadly criminal gangs in Kenya

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