Episode 21: #LipaKamaTender

Episode 21: #LipaKamaTender

Welcome to Kenya, where doctors signed a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the Ministry of Health in 2013, and the employer has yet to register or implement it, yet we have enough money to grant our MPs a KES 36 billion send off package while claiming we have no money to pay the doctors. It has been 45 days since the strike began (however, this episode was recorded on day 43), and the government shows no sign of taking seriously the suffering that Kenyans have undergone because of their refusal to treat our healthcare providers like human beings.

This week, we speak with Dr. Judy Karagania, who takes us through the history of the CBA, what it means for them as doctors and for us as their patients, and how we can support them in their quest to improve our public healthcare. Press play!


Presspass: Are the doctors stubborn on the CBA issue or is the government insincere?

Musyimi Task Force Report

Collective Bargaining Agreement between KMPDU and the Ministry of Health

One Page Version of the CBA

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