Episode 14: Dear Kenyans

Episode 14: Dear Kenyans

As you may know by now, we are in the throes of a new national scandal in which it is alleged that KES 5.3 billion was stolen from the Ministry of Health, based on an interim audit report that was obtained by the Nation Media Group. Scandals of this nature are not new to us – we have had the Goldenberg scandal, the Anglo Leasing Scandal and the NYS scandal – however, what is new this time is that we have decided to put our feet down, and hold our leaders accountable. This is a rallying cry. Let us come together and save our country. Press play.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 14: Dear Kenyans

  1. How did it go from corruption to a lecture on gays in the end? Is that because the foreign people sponsoring you have declared you have to mention some gay rights to get more funding ?
    I’m against corruption but this podcast sounded more like a lecture from a foreigner. Kenya is as diverse a country as ever and the minute you start clustering people into one big group is the minute you lose us all

    1. Raila Junior, this is my show, I get to talk about whatever I want. And I am very pro human rights. All human rights. And gay people are human beings, in case you missed that. Be blessed.

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