Episode 10: Dereva, Chunga Maisha!

Episode 10: Dereva, Chunga Maisha!

Road safety has been on the tip of our tongues and the top of our minds after a matatu (KCG 748M) serving the Ongata Rongai route crashed in late September killing four people on the spot and injuring six others. We protested online and offline, the NTSA, Ongata Line Transporters Company and the police engaged in finger pointing, and we yet again found ourselves asking the question we’ve asked so many times before: what is wrong with Kenyan roads, and can it be fixed? We explore that this week. Press play!


Four killed in Langata Road matatu accident

Ongata Line Sacco banned over Sunday accident

Multimedia University students block road in protest after accident

Rongai residents march to protest reckless driving

Pedestrian killed by school bus as residents prepare to march to Lang’ata Road

Driver of killer Rongai matatu slapped with multiple charges

Umoinner Sacco bus crash claims 10 lives

Killer Umoinner Sacco fleet licences revoked

National Transport and Safety Authority

World Health Organization: Global status report on road safety 2015

NTSA targets private cars as Saturdays death toll rises

Image credit: Wambururu’s Blog

Title credit: Dereva Chunga Maisha (a song by Samuel Muthee) 

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    1. Hi Samuel, there is only one episode of the podcast called that. That is this one. All the rest are on different topics and have different titles.

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